Grayce Selig, Women's Cross Country and Track

Grayce Selig, Women's Cross Country and Track

Grayce Selig '11 of Narberth, Pa., is the latest in a long line of women's track and cross country stand-outs, becoming the first Judge since 2002-03 to qualify for NCAA championships in all three seasons in one year in 2009-10. After placing 172nd at the cross country championships in the fall, Selig anchored Division III's third-place distance-medley relay in the winter and finished fourth in the 1,500-meter run outdoors to capture her first two All-America awards.

1) What has been the highlight of your athletic career so far?

The highlight of my athletic career would definitely be making Nationals for all three seasons [as a junior].  Making Cross Country nationals was an accomplishment in itself; something that coming into the season seemed to be a very distant goal. During the indoor season we decided to run the Distance Medley Relay. I ran the anchor mile leg. We finished third and received All-America honors. Competing with my team was incredible. This was definitely the highlight of the year for me. During the outdoor season I competed in the 1500m, finishing fourth, receiving my second All-America honor. Being able to compete at this level all year is what we all strive for, and I really have all my teammates to thank for it!

2) What makes your team special?

The distance team is very small, and as a sport that competes all year, we get to spend a ton of time together. Daily runs are where we get to catch up and talk, but it doesn’t end there. Nightly dinners together, weekends at meets, and dance parties afterwards, we’re all teammates but we’re also best friends. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such a great group.

3) How do your experiences on the court translate to the class room/world?

Competing year round and often practicing twice a day, there is no other option but to become very productive in the time we have. I find I keep a very different schedule than most college students, bed by 11 and up by 7. It’s a lifestyle; but one that I welcome with open arms. Running has also given me a new sense of confidence, which I will take with me in all my future endeavors.                                          

4) What is your favorite class and why?

My favorite class is Behavioral Neuroscience taught by Professor [Don] Katz. It was the first neuroscience class I took at Brandeis. The enthusiasm he ensued as he lectured combined with the mysteries and fascinating capabilities of the brain, really piqued my interested. After taking his class I was sure I wanted to be a neuroscience major.

5) What is your favorite non-athletic activity at Brandeis and why?

I really like the movie series that Brandeis sponsors each semester. Every few weeks there is a new movie just out of theaters free for Brandeis Students. It’s a really fun thing to do on the weekends.

6) What are your aspirations after Brandeis?

I would love to go to medical school after graduating from Brandeis. I think I’d like to be a pediatric oncologist or neurologist.

7) What is something surprising we might not know about you?

I never planned on running when I came to Brandeis. In fact, I actually celebrated my last high school race, telling my friends I was so happy I’d never have to race again!