2014 UAA Track and Field Championships Schedule of Events

Friday February 28th

12:00pm                                                                          20lb. Weight Throw (W)

                                                                                      Long Jump (W)

                                                                                      High Jump (M)


2:00pm                                                                           55m Hurdles Trials (M)

2:15pm                                                                            55m Hurdles Trials (W)

2:30pm                                                                           400m Trials (W)

                                                                                      35lb Weight Throw (M)

                                                                                      Pole Vault (W)


2:45pm                                                                           400m Trials (M)

3:00pm                                                                           55m Dash Trials (W)

                                                                                      Long Jump (M)


3:15pm                                                                            55m Dash Trials (M)

3:30pm                                                                           800m Trials (W)

3:50pm                                                                           800m Trials (M)

4:10pm                                                                            200m Trials (W)

4:25pm                                                                           200m Trials (M)

4:45pm                                                                           5,000m Final (W)

5:10pm                                                                            5,000m Finals (M)

5:35pm                                                                           Distance Medley Relay Final (W)

5:55pm                                                                           Distance Medley Relay Final (M)


Saturday March 1st

9:00am                                                                          Shot Put (W)

                                                                                      Triple Jump (M)

                                                                                      High Jump (W)


11:00am                                                                          Mile Run Final (W)

(slow heat – followed by fast heat)

Pole Vault (M)

Triple Jump (W)


11:15am                                                                          Mile Run Final (M)

                                                                                      (slow heat – followed by fast heat)


11:30am                                                                          Shot Put (M)

11:40am                                                                          55m Hurdle Final (W)

11:45am                                                                          55m Hurdle Final (M)

11:55am                                                                          400m Dash Final (W)

12:00pm                                                                            400m Dash Final (M)

12:05pm                                                                            55m Dash Final (W)

12:10pm                                                                            55m Dash Final (M)

12:15pm                                                                            800m Run Final (W)

12:20pm                                                                            800m Run Final (M)

12:25pm                                                                            200m Dash Final (W)

12:30pm                                                                            200m Dash Final (M)

12:35pm                                                                            3000m Final (W)

12:50pm                                                                            3000m Final (M)

1:05pm                                                                           1600m Relay Final (W)

1:20pm                                                                           1600m Relay Final (M)


Scoring at the indoor meet shall be 10-8-6-4-2-1 for individual and relay events