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Crew practices on the Charles River, based out of the Lasell/Cygnet Boathouse located 2 miles from campus. The team is divided into the Novice program for first-time rowers, and the Varsity team for returning rowers or those with previous experience. Both teams are comprised of men's and women's squads. The two programs practice at least four times a week on the water either in the morning or afternoon for fall and spring racing seasons. During winter the team trains indoors.


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Practices are held on:
Monday - Friday: 6-8am (Lasell Boathouse)


Date Event Location Result


Alexa Myers



Elizabeth Alshvang



Sooyoung Jeong



Sydney Derfel



Julia Doucett

Alumni Secretary


Julia Doucett

Public Relations


Abby Patkin

Fundraising Chair


Catherine Davie

Head Coach

Jeremy Asch

Novice Coach






Veritas 1997 Vespoli Racer 4+ (stern cox)
Mai Resa 2005 Vespoli Ultralite 4+ (stern cox)
Endurance Class of '76 2007 Vespoli Ultralite II 4+ (bow cox)
Two Fly 2007 Wintech Competitor 2x/-
First Class 2011 Resolute 4+ (stern cox) 
First Coach, Phil Kesten Vespoli Matrix 2- 2012
Fredrick Martin Lawrence Resolute Lightweight 4+ 2013 (bow cox)