Day 2: Twenty-two hours from Waltham to Split

Day 2: Twenty-two hours from Waltham to Split
Associate Director of Athletics Tom Rand and Director of Athletics Sheryl Sousa stretch their legs on the last portion of Day 1 of the Croatia trip.

Aug. 14 and 15 were all about travel – 22 hours in total, door to door from when we departed Waltham to when we checked into our first hotel. Despite being a long day, it was a very smooth travel day.  

Our flight to Paris was aboard one of the largest planes I’ve ever been on, a Boeing 747, and we had a comfortable flight with two surprisingly good meals.  I was unable to sleep, probably from all the excitement, and I think there were others in our group experiencing the same thing.

In Paris, we were shuttled to and from each plane. In contrast the Boeing 747, our plane to Zagreb was more like what we take to Rochester.  At 5-5, I was cramped. Most of the guys spent the flight with their knees in their chest. Thankfully, John Saucier ‘08, at 7 feet even, got an exit row.  

When we landed in Zagreb, it was sunny, warm and beautiful. We were greeted by our guide, Viekoslav - who, for simplicity’s sake, we are calling V - and bus driver who will be taking us to our first stop, Split, on the coast – approximately 4-6 hours by bus.  It was a very quiet us ride, as most of us slept.  The country was not what I was expecting.  Many commented that it looked like we were in New Hampshire.  Rolling hills, green, lots of rock.  We were very grateful for the new highway we traveled, built in 2005. Before then, the trip would have taken 12 hours previously.  

We arrived at the hotel safe and sound in Split.  It is a very nice hotel, only a year old.  With a fine dinner in our bellies after a long trip, I crashed after a long day.  I believe the young men on our tour ventured into downtown Split.  I’m sure I’ll hear some stories on the bus ride today. Maybe.

Today we are touring Trogir and Split.  

Until tomorrow….