Sheryl Sousa, Day 6: The blue waters of Kornati Island National Park

Amazingly blue water.
Amazingly blue water.

August 20

Yesterday, we traveled to the Kornati Islands, part of which are a Croatian national park.  Basically, they are a group of hundreds of islands off the coast of Zadar.  Most don't look to have much, if anything, on them.  We left by boat for a day-long excursion and I must admit that the theme song to Gilligan's Island was in my head.  The boat took us on a tour throughout the islands.  It took three hours out, and then we stopped at one of the islands and got off to swim.  

Our guide, V, rallied the troops as soon as we got off the boat and instructed us to follow him to the other side of the island. It would be more secluded and we could have an area just for our group.  It was about a ten minute hike, up and over the hill.  We had to walk single file and watch our step among the rocks. There was talk of snakes, but I didn't see any.  It wasn't so easy a hike in flip flops, but we all made it ok. It was totally worth the extra effort.  The view was just as spectaular, but without the other people from the boat.

The water was crystal clear, blue.  In the shallower water, you could see straight down to the bottom.  Everyone immediately dove in and we had two hours to swim before returning to the boat, but the timing was perfect. There was no shade, and the sun was beating down hard.  You were either in the water, or baking on the rocks on the shoreline.

After hiking back to the boat we all sat for a meal prepared for us by the crew of the boat. The main dish was mackerel.  Now, I don't know for sure that they caught the fish right there while we were away swimming, grilled them up and put them on our plates - but that is exactly what it looked like.  We each got a whole fish - minus the head - grilled skin and all.  It was very tasty.  And the side dish was like a combination of potato salad and cole slaw, also tasty.  I was pretty hungry so I ate every bite.  There was also a chicken option, but in a setting like that, I had to go with the fish.  

We took a more direct route back to the mainland, which took about two hours.  It was a day of fresh air, sun and water - we were all exhausted and there we many naps being had before dinner time, most of which took place around the hotel pool.  

The coast and the islands were breathtaking. Absolutely beautiful.  It was a really fun day.