Sheryl Sousa, Day 7: Zadar to Zagreb and Plitvicka National Park

A path along the beautiful waters of Plitvicka National Park
A path along the beautiful waters of Plitvicka National Park

August 22

Yesterday was a full day.  We checked out of our hotel in Zadar and boarded our tour bus to head north.  We traveled two-and-a-half hours and stopped at Plitvicka National Park.  It was absolutely spectacular!  Plitvicka is a lush lake region with mountains, canyons, and waterfalls.  The water in the lakes is an unreal-looking shade of electric green, and when you get close to the surface, it is so clear you can see all the fish swimming.

We started at the top and hiked down into the canyon.  We made our way to a large waterfall, where several of the guys took turns having their picture taken atop a large rock with the waterfall cascading behind them. New profile photos for the web site, perhaps? We took a unique team shot in front of the waterfall as well.

The hike continued along a narrow wooden path that flowed throughout the park.  When we reached the bottom, we boarded a small boat that took us to another section of the park.

On a trip marked by several modes of travel - planes, boats, buses - at one point we saw a train in the park. Coach Varney would have been proud of the player who shouted that we were about to hit for the cycle.  Sadly, we didn't need to board the train, so we are still one mode shy.

Many of the guys commented that the park was one of the best things they'd seen on the trip.  They were all struck by how lush the landscape was and how green the water.  The day before we had visited Pag island, which is a small group of islands.  The water at Pag was crystal blue like we have often seen here, but the landscape was completely barren looking, almost like the surface of the moon. Traveling to Pag, and then Plitvicka on consecutive days made be contrast even more dramatic.

We spent a couple of hours in Plitvicka and then boarded our bus again for two more hours to Zagreb, Croatia's capital city.  We reached Zagreb with just enough time to unpack and head out to our third and final game. The game took place in the town of Zabok, about 40 minutes more away.  

Today we are scheduled to tour the city of Zagreb, a much more metropolitan stop the others places we have visited along the coast.  I'm looking forward to learning more about the city and it's history.  Until tomorrow...