Men and women's fencing both go 2-1 at Beanpot Invite

Waltham, Mass. - The Brandeis University men and women's fencing squads had fine performances this evening as they hosted Harvard University, Boston College and MIT at the Brandeis Beanpot Invitational.  Both the men and women were 2-1 this evening, with wins over MIT and Boston College.

For the women, the epee squads performed best.  Against MIT, the epee squad carried the team with a 6-3 victory.  Rookie Leah Mack (Tarrytown, N.Y./Irvington) was 3-0 against the engineers, while Emma Larkin (Montclair, N.J./Montclair-Kimberly) was also undefeated, going 2-0.  In saber, sophomore Zoe Messinger (Short Hills, NJ/Millburn) and senior Anna Hanley (Medford, Mass./Lexington Christian) each went 2-1.  The foil squad went 5-4.

The epee squad was strong against BC as well, carrying the team with a 7-2 victory.  Mack and Larkin were 3-0.  Foil and saber were close to a win, but ended their rounds going 4-5.   

Against Harvard, Messinger was 2-1 in saber and Vikki Nunley (Glen Gardner, N.J./Voorhees) made the only win for the foil squad.

 The men's team had a strong showing tonight. Rookie Foil fencer Julian Cardillo went 2-1 against MIT. But it was the saber squad carried the team with an 8-1 victory. Both Seniors Adam Austin (Dix Hills, NY/Commack) and Jon Rollock (Gilford, NH/Gilford) went 3-0, while rookies Mark Borreliz (Westborough, Mass./Buckingham, Brown & Nichols) and Sebastian Bruno-Harris (Weston, Fla./Sagemont) posted 1-0 wins. In epee, Tucker Robinson-Neff (Gloucester, Mass./St. John's Prep) went 3-0, while junior Alex Powell (Upper Montclair, N.J/Montclair) was also undefeated, and posted two wins. Kaufer and Litvak 1-0.

Against the Crimson, Austin carried the saber squad with a 2-1 victory. Powell posted a 2-1 vicotry against Harvard in epee as well.

Against Boston College, Rollock carried the saber squad with a 2-1 record. In foil, Cardillo was undefeated. Epee was the leader of the squads, going 6-3. Powell went 3-0, while Mike Zook (Chicago, IL/Univ. of Chicago Lab School) went 2-1.

Both squads fencing again on February 27, at the New England Championships.



Men's results

1st place: Harvard University (3-0)

2nd place: Brandeis University (2-1)

3rd place: Boston College (1-2)

4th place: MIT (0-3)


Harvard 20, Brandeis 7 (S, 7-2; F, 7-2; E, 6-3)

BC 18, MIT 9 (S, 7-2; F, 8-1; E, 3-6)

Brandeis 14, BC 12 (S, 4-5; F, 4-5; E, 6-3)

Harvard 19, MIT 8 (S, 8-1; F, 8-1; E, 3-6)

Brandeis 17, MIT 10 (S, 8-1; F, 3-6; E, 6-3)

Harvard 19, BC 8 (S, 6-3; F, 6-3; E, 7-2)


Women's results

1st place: Harvard University (3-0)

2nd place: Brandeis University (2-1)

3rd place: MIT (1-2)

4th place: Boston College (0-3)


Harvard 22, Brandeis 5 (S, 6-3; F, 8-1; E, 8-1)

MIT 14, BC 13 (S, 8-1; F, 2-7; E, 4-5)

Brandeis 15, BC 12 (S, 4-5; F, 4-5; E, 7-2)

Harvard 18, MIT 9 (S, 2-7; F, 9-0; E, 7-2)

Brandeis 15, MIT 12 (S, 4-5; F, 5-4; E, 6-3)

Harvard 20, BC 7 (S, 5-4; F, 9-0; E, 6-3)