Checking in with the Judges: Hannah Cain '15

After starring at point guard for two seasons for the women’s basketball team, Hannah Cain ’15 missed the 2014-15 season due to injury. The Gloucester, Mass., didn’t let the season go to waste, taking the opportunity to study the game from a different perspective. Cain says watching her teammates and coaches produce the squad’s most successful campaign in half a decade helped her grow as a player, teammate and leader, but now she has “never been more hungry to return to the hardwood.”

That's especially true because her younger sister, Heather, joined the squad last season as a sophomore transfer from Trinity College in Hartford. In 2014-15, Hannah and Heather will be reunited on the court for the first time in what Hannah calls “a long three seasons”. She is looking forward to building on the team’s ECAC Division III New England semifinal appearance with her sister by her side, and possibly returning for a fifth year of eligibility. For now, Cain is just taking her senior campaign the proverbial one game at a time.

Given a chance to focus on her future plans this summer, Cain has pursued an internship in Massachusetts’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS), working in the Department of Children, Youth and Families under Deputy Assistant Director Robyn Kennedy. The department, which focuses on the well-being of at-risk youth, has given Cain plenty of hands-on work. She has contributed to Unified Planning Teams to help provide educational, residential and health needs to youths who have been referred to the office. She has also helped implement the Safe and Successful Youth Initiative, a state-wide program that “aims to help young men between the ages of 14 and 24 to pursue a more healthy and beneficial lifestyle”, offering outlets for employment, education, community service and more to young people who have been in trouble with the law at an early age.

It’s a program that Cain has seen can benefit to her Health: Science, Society and Policy major, as she has helped implement policy and experienced the social science aspect of her class work first-hand. She also knows that it is affecting her personally. Growing up, Cain’s career ambitions changed often - from teacher to doctor to physical therapist to nurse - but she observed one common thread: the well-being of others. As someone who loves kids and loves seeing people do well for themselves, she has found the summer internship in the EOHHS particularly rewarding. “You get to see watch people make remarkable strides and beat the odds.”