Women's Fencing has fine performance at Brandeis Invite

Women's Fencing has fine performance at Brandeis Invite

Brandeis Women go 2-3 at Brandeis Invitational

After a challenging day of fencing, the Brandeis Women's team went 2-3 at the annual Brandeis Invitational hosted in Gosman, winning over rival Brown, 15-12, and Haverford College, 19-8. They narrowly lost to Yale University, 14-13.

The saber squad had the most success of the three weapons, with an overall record of 26-19 for the day. Against Yale, senior Anna Hanley (Medford, Mass./ Lexington Christian) was undefeated, accounting for half of the total wins for the saber squad, and carried the team to a very close score. The squad went undefeated against Brown and Haverford both to help defeat each of the teams.

Epee also had a good day. Rookie Leah Mack (Tarrytown, N.Y./ Irvington) went 3-0 against Haverford, while Senior Emma Larkin (Upper Montclair, N.J./Montclair- Kimberley) was 2-0. The final win by rookie Kristin Ha (Bronx, N.Y./ Riverdale CS) allowed for a 6-3 victory against the opposing epee squad. The epees also posted very close scores against Saint Johns, Yale, and Brown, the score for all of them 4-5. Mack had the best record of the women's team, going 10-3 for the day.

Brandeis Invitational

At Waltham, Mass.

St. John's 18, Brandeis 9 (S, 7-2; F, 6-3; E, 5-4)

Yale 14, Brandeis 13 (S, 3-6; F, 6-3; E, 5-4)

Brandeis 19, Haverford 8 (S, 9-0; F, 4-5; E, 6-3)

Cornell 21, Brandeis 6 (S, 8-1; F, 7-2; E, 6-3)

Brandeis 15, Brown 12 (S, 9-0; F, 2-7; E 4-5)