Summer Spotlight: Willa Molho '21

Willa Molho '21
Willa Molho '21

Brandeis student-athletes are learning 12 months a year, taking part in valuable internships and taking classes over the summer. Here’s a look at what they are up to!

Willa Molho ’21, women’s soccer

MAJOR: Health: Science, Society and Policy

INTERNING AT:  The OB/GYN department of Metropolitan Hospital in New York City.

How did you learn about the opportunity?

I reached out to a doctor that I knew in the department asking if there was anything I could do for her this summer, and with my past experience working on a clinical study at NYU Langone Department of Movement Disorders, I was a good candidate!

What does your job entail?

I work for a doctor of fetal medicine who handles high risk pregnancies, and I mostly help her with data analysis.

How does this internship relate to your career goals?

My goal after graduating from Brandeis is to go to medical school or have a career involving medicine. Through this experience, I was not only able to get a sense of what it would be like to work in a hospital, but I was able to do some of the work that is part of the day-to-day life of a doctor. This experience affirmed these goals of mine because I really enjoyed my time there.

How has being a student-athlete at Brandeis helped you prepare for the internship?

Being a Brandeis student-athlete has made me very adaptable and ready and willing to take on new challenges. I used these skills frequently during my time at Metropolitan Hospital through taking on whatever task I needed in order to help the doctor I was working with. My experience was also unique because Metropolitan is a public hospital in NYC, where a lot of the patients do not have health care, so the patients and experience of working there are different as well.

When do you find time to stay in shape for your sport?

It is easy to find time to stay in shape for your sport when being ready for preseason in a big priority! This summer I was able to work out in the mornings before I went to the hospital, and I was on a u23 soccer team that practiced multiple times a week.