Giving To Brandeis Club Sports

Online donations to the club sports program can now be made via the Univerity's Annual Fund donation website. Please click on the link below and follow the steps outlined here.

Step 1) Fill in all required information on the 'Donor Info' tab. Click 'Next'.

Step 2) Scroll down to the 'Other Designations' section.

Step 3) In the text box that contains the phrase 'Enter the name of another University fund', enter 'Club Sports', followed by the name of the club to which you wish to donate. (E.G., Club Sports - Men's Rugby Club, or Club Sports - Crew Club)

Step 4) In the text box to the right of the one referenced in Step 3 (in the Gift Amount column), enter the amount you wish to donate.

Step 5) Click on 'Conclude Transaction'

Step 6) Provide all the required credit card information. Click on 'Submit'

Please follow this link to the University's Online Giving webpage:

Thank you for your generosity.