How do I check in?

Go to the event tab. Each event will be live 15 minutes prior to the start time. You must be located within the event parameters in order to check-in. Tap the specific event tab to check-in and earn the assigned amount of points.
If you are unable to check-in, please follow these steps:

   •     Make sure you are connected to WiFi or you will need to use cellular data

   •     Turn on Bluetooth signal

   •     Allow location recognition

   •     Restart the app

* Points may be taken away at the discretion of the Brandeis administrator for false check-ins.


How are points awarded?

Points are awarded for all participants that check-in to Brandeis athletic events. Point structure is as follows:

   • 25 points are offered for each FEATURED varsity athletic event (approximately 8-12 events per semester)

   • 25 BONUS points are offered via a 2nd Check in at all Featured events. 2nd check-ins will become available at some point halfway through the event and will be available to students who have already checked in and received their 25 base points (offering a total of 50 points for featured events)

  • 10 points are offered for all other “non-featured” varsity athletic event happening during each semester while classes are in session

• Additional BONUS points will be available in various denominations for actions including but not limited to: redeeming promo codes, sharing check-ins on social media, submitting a fan photos and reaching point thresholds.

• Additional BONUS points will be awarded for referring other Brandeis students to download and register. A single user may refer up to a maximum of 10 new users per semester. No more than one bonus will be awarded per users (ie multiple users may not collect bonses for one single account, and one referrer may not collect more than one bonus for one account). Any participant collecting more than 10 referral bonuses is subject to disqualification and forfeiture of all points. 

What is the difference between Featured vs. Non-Featured Events?

Each semester, anywhere from 8-12 events will be designated as "Featured Events”. These are games that are generally deemed “big games” such as rivalry games, home openers, or home playoff games. Featured events generally include a specific giveaway item for the first 50 students, plus the potential to earn up to 50 REWARDS POINTS. 25 points for checking in at the start of the event, and an additional 25 BONUS points for the 2nd Check-In. All other not deemed “featured events” are considered “non-featured events” and will earn you 10 rewards points.


What is the 2nd Check-In?

The 2nd Check-In is an opportunity for you to earn 25 BONUS points at a Featured event. Half way through the event, you will receive a push notification letting you know that the 2nd Check-In event has been created in the app. At that time you will be able to go to the new event and check in to earn your bonus points. Please make sure push notifications are ENABLED for the We The Jury Rewards app to ensure you are notified of the 2nd Check-In.


Where do I go to see prizes that I can win?

The Rewards tab will display all prizes & awards students are eligible to win. Prizes can be won by the accumulation points from checking into events & participation in in-app contests.


Where do I pick up my prizes?

Prizes may be picked in the Gosman Athletic Center anytime from Monday-Friday during business hours. Please confirm a time to pick up your item by emailing Andrew Vatistas (


How do I get in contact with someone about this program?

Email Andrew Vatistas with any questions, comments or concerns at


Do I have to be a Brandeis student to participate?

Yes. In order to be eligible for rewards all participants must be a student (graduate or undergraduate) and fully complete the require fields in the mobile app account profile with a valid email address.


Do I have to have an iPhone or Android in order to participate?

No, but you do need a phone that can access a mobile browser. Participants can use their login information on mobile web to check in to events by visiting Only one account per device is permitted. Any participant using multiple accounts on one device is subject to disqualification and forfeiture of all points on all accounts.






1. PERIOD: Contest begins at 12 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) on August 22, 2017 and ends 
at 12 a.m. on Dec 10, 2017. Points and prizes will be reset for the spring semester. 

2. ELIGIBILITY: Contest is open to all currently enrolled Brandeis University students, at least 18 years old at time of entry. Board members or executive officers of Brandeis University, employees of the Brandeis University Athletic Department, any subsidiaries, directors, advertising and promotional agencies of the Brandeis University Athletic Department, or the immediate family and/or household members of any persons referenced in this paragraph are ineligible to participate. Due to NCAA compliance rules, athletes, band members and student workers will not be eligible to earn points for events in which they compete, perform or work. The spirit of the We The Jury Student Rewards Program is to reward students for attending athletic events. Those who are already required to be at events may not receive points for that particular event. 

3. REGISTRATION: Limit one (1) account per person. Download the Brandeis We The Jury Student Rewards mobile application on your iPhone or Android device. Open the app and create a username and password. All participants must have a valid Brandeis email address. Once you complete the registration process, you will be eligible to earn points and win prizes. 

4. PURCHASING PRIZE(S): The Rewards Store contains a list of prizes that can be purchased at any time throughout the current semester by students who accumulate enough points to cover the cost of that prize. Some of the prizes are limited and will go to the students who purchase them first. Quantities are listed in the Rewards Store. Once you purchase a prize, you will receive a confirmation notice and the points used for that purchase will be subtracted from your total points and be reflected on the Leaderboard. Once you have made a purchase, you will be prompted to email Brandeis Athletics at and let us know that you have just purchased a prize. You will then coordinate with Brandeis Athletics to pick up your prize at the Gosman Athletic Center. Prizes must be redeemed by the end of the current semesters Contest Date (Dec. 10th, 2017. 12am). To be eligible to purchase and receive a prize, winners must comply with all terms and conditions of the Official Rules. 

5. POINT ACCUMULATION: Only events of University recognized varsity athletic programs are point eligible, except where otherwise determined by Brandeis Athletics. All point values are subject to change and are at the sole discretion of Brandeis Athletics. Points will only be awarded to registered, eligible participants who attend events. Non-featured events will award students 10 points for checking in. Featured events will award participants 25 points. Staying through half time at featured events and checking in a second time using the 2nd Check-In will award participants an extra 25 bonus points. Additional promo codes may be offered throughout the semester, as well the potential to earn bonus points via interaction with Brandeis Athletics social media platforms. Any playoff or championship event hosted by Brandeis Athletics will also offer additional points. 

6. PRIZE(S): Prizes are listed in the Rewards Store, which can be accessed by clicking the REWARDS tab in the mobile application.

7. PRIZE RESTRICTIONS: All prizes are subject to availability. No substitution or cash equivalent of prizes are permitted. The sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value. No prize transfers are permitted. Winners are solely responsible for any additional expenses or costs not described as a part of the prize.